Nurse practitioner, four other staffers at Williamson health center have COVID-19

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. (WCHS/WVAH) — A nurse practitioner at the Williamson Health and Wellness Center has tested positive for COVID and four other support staff he interacted with also have tested positive, the center announced.

In a letter posted on its Facebook page Saturday, the center said the nurse practitioner tested positive for the virus and is quarantined and recovering at his residence.

The four other staff members who tested positive also are quarantined and are recovering at their homes.

Everyone who came into contact with the nurse practitioner or any of the staff members have been notified by the office or the health department, the center said.

The center said it has been performing COVID-19 screenings since early March, and like every other health facility in the area, has had patients test positive.

It said staff members have temperature checks every morning before entering their work area, and any staff member with a temperature reading of 99 or above, or having any COVID symptoms, is evaluated, tested if necessary and sent home to quarantine while awaiting results.

Personal protective equipment also is being worn by all staff and providers and the facility is making every effort to follow state and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Guidelines, the center said.

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